Thursday, May 9, 2013

Version 2.4 Release

Password Safe version 2.4 has been released to the public and is now available for download from the app store.

Version 2.4 was soft update as for new features. The main focus of this update was graphics. In fact I did a complete graphics overhaul. Everything from the app icon to the smallest button was given a new design.

The goal of this update was to give the app a unique look and get away from Apple standard app graphics.

A few performance and bug updates were made with this version as well.

  • Dropbox backup was updated to match the new Dropbox standards. 
  • A bug with the login in screen starting the cursor on the second block was corrected. 
  • A bug with the account information screen tabs not switching was corrected.
  • An Auto Fill feature was added to the In App Web options. This feature will fill log in data on to web pages for you. 
Thousands of people have already updated to the new version. Go to the appStore for your update today, or download the app if you are new user.

With version 2.4 released I have got right to work on version 2.5.  The next version will be more concentrated on new/improved features and performance. 

Keep tuned to this blog for news, progress, and updates about Password Safe.