If you have any problems with Password Safe, you are welcome to contact the developer by email at

I am constantly trying to make Password Safe intuitive and easy to use. As more features are added, this task becomes more challenging. Below are some tips about Password Safe usage:

Search Accounts:

You can search from any account list screen with a simple 'pull down' gesture on the screen. Just like the popular pull to refresh features in many apps. 
Dealing with Encrypted Data:

Password Safe uses Apple's built in 256bit encryption to help protect your data. To keep performance up only certain parts of data are encrypted. Encrypted data includes user names, passwords, and note content. Please remember note titles are not encrypted.  Encrypted data fields can be indicated with a little lock on the fields icon. 
The second part of encryption is the keys. You can view and add keys from the settings screen. At least one key is required for encryptions. A key will be assigned for you when the app is launched for the first time. You can add keys to the encryption, but cannot delete them. This is because of the way data is encrypted on the app. Be careful when adding more keys. More keys will slow the performance of the app.
If you open your app, look at an account, and cannot see the user name or password, you may have a problem with encryption keys. You can take the following steps to try and correct this issue:
  • Make sure you have at least one key listed in the encryption settings. If you do not have any keys listed add a key that matches you PIN number. Try to view your accounts again.  
  • If adding you PIN as key does not work, add PIN that is "0" (a single zero). 
  • Should the neither of the two methods above work, your data may have been corrupted. The best way to fix this is to load a recent back up of Password Safe data if you have the option.  The most likely cause of data corruption is iCloud syncing. Password Safe itself does not use iCloud, however it may need to be disabled on your device to prevent an automatic sync. To do this go to your devices Settings App than go to iCloud->Storage & Backup->Manage Storage. From there select your device and find the Password Safe app in the Backup Options section. Make sure the switch is set to "OFF".